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Aimsea Founded in 1997 with registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the integration of research, production and sales of non-toxic environmentally friendly PVC stabilizers. The stabilizers are widely used in PVC products, such as wire and cable, toy medical equipment , transparent products, calendered products, pipe fittings, decorative sheets, foamed shoes, door and window profiles, etc. The main products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly PVC calcium-zinc stabilizers. It has 13 invention patents and more than 30 patent applications. It is at the international leading level of its own intellectual property technology. Equipped with scientific research and technical team, international R&D and production center, with independent innovation and competitiveness, fully automated production line, annual production capacity of 40,000 tons, the top quality sales industry, has served more than 500 customers comprehensive environmentally friendly PVC plastic solutions.

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    Founded in 1997
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    23 years experience
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    More than 30 patent applications
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    Capital of 20 million yuan



  • PVC stabilizer raw material for spray garden hose soft pipe PVC plastic pipes

    PVC stabilizer raw mat...

    Product Description The plasticizer incorporated in the PVC matrix increases its flexibility to almost any desired level and significantly extends the scope of applications for plasticized PVC. Mainly used for tubes (food, medical), Hoses (pressure, garden, pump), gaskets, swing doors and handrails. The Stabilizers have high heat stability, low odor, excellent indoor air quality, good compatibility with plasticizers. Advantages Meet the national medical GB15593-1995 standard;Passed ...

  • Toxic free stabilizers for clear PVC sheets screen printing soft PVC packing

    Toxic free stabilizers...

    Product Description Besides PVC rigid films, there is also a large verity of applications for CaZn Stabilizer based flexible PVC films.  The market is dominated by plasticized films, although more and more plasticizer-free flexible films are entering the market. This flexible film is widely used in lamination films, window wrapping films, self-adhesive film, advertisement film, shrink films, car wrapping films, print films, traffic sign films, toy device films, medical films, table cloth...

  • AIMSTA-6891


    Product Description For decades, PVC transparent products have been divided into rigid and flexible, which have been used in different applications. According to current discussions on environmental protection and sustainability, the future market segments will face key challenges. Tin-containing products, alternatives to tin-free solutions will become increasingly critical. In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to different legal regulations, such as pharmacopoeia, food conta...

  • One pack heat Stabilizers for plastic sheets rigid roll & wrapping film PVC mats

    One pack heat Stabiliz...

    Product Description PVC rigid film are mainly used for packing pharmaceutical product is ideal for the packing of tablets, capsules, injections, syringes and a host of other medical accessories. And also, used for toys, gadgets, stationary, cosmetics, tools, food items, decoration, construction material and various industries for packing purpose. These films are mainly producing from Ca/Zn PVC Stabilizers as it has long lasting, high tensile strength, moisture proof, tear resistance, no ...


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  • Application and advantages of PVC

    The word PVC refers to the word used for advertising decoration made of PVC, which is a very popular advertising decoration material today. The full name of PVC is Polyvinylchlorid, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, and other components are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness,...

  • Advantages and disadvantages of pvc

    Advantages: Rigid PVC is one of the most widely used plastic materials. PVC material is a non-crystalline material. In actual use, PVC materials often add stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, pigments, impact resistance agents and other additives. PVC material has non-flammabilit...