Why use PVC heat stabilizer?

PVC in the temperature added to about 140 degrees, what will not add the case of decomposition, but at this time PVC can not be plasticized, can not be processed, so in order to produce PVC products, it must add a higher temperature , Then you must join the stabilizer in order to make PVC does not decompose, in order to give PVC processing performance.

What is PVC calcium and zinc stabilizer?

PVC products used in the production of composite stabilizers are mostly used lead salt and metal soap compound stabilizer, due to its use of a large number of lead salt, resulting in environmental pollution, high plasticizing temperature, poor solution flow, the case of sulfur discoloration and other issues. Especially with the people of plastic products, environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, the development of non-toxic calcium and zinc composite stabilizer more and more people's attention. Non-toxic calcium and zinc compound stabilizer is calcium and zinc organic salts, phosphites, polyols, antioxidants and solvents and other components of the complex. Calcium and zinc stabilizer and resin and plasticizer compatibility, transparency is good, not easy to precipitate, the amount of less, easy to use.

What is a customization service?

According to the customer from the sample provided, the required requirements, to analyze and test samples, research and development of cost-effective calcium and zinc stabilizer to meet market demand, at any time to provide technical support and solutions.

Can samples be provided free of charge?

Welcome inquiry ,can be free to provide 1kg samples to your company.