The difference between pvc plastic and pe plastic

1. Plastic bags made of polyethylene film are non-toxic and can be used to hold food. It’s just that the strength of pe plastics is worse, and it cannot withstand high temperatures above 80°C. Pe plastic film has certain air permeability and is not suitable for long-term storage of tea, spices, etc. The material bag made of PVC film is poisonous, so it is not suitable for food. Pvc plastic is generally used to make raincoats, shoe soles, table cloths, handbags, etc.

2. PE plastic film is mainly used for industrial film packaging products, with high tensile strength, large elongation, good self-adhesiveness, and high transparency. It can be used for manual stretch film and machine stretch film, which can be widely used in centralized packaging of various goods. Pvc plastic is mainly used for sewage pipes, pvc plastic film rods, construction, packaging, printing, equipment, craft products, etc.

In our lives, Pvc plastic and pe plastic are widely used, and these two materials also have their own advantages and disadvantages. I hope that the content of the difference between pvc plastic and pe plastic compiled by the editor can be helpful to everyone, and everyone should pay more attention to our website.

Post time:Nov-02-2021